Crowdfunding call for basic and translational research, addressing bone and joint conditions


Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK) and FutSci are inviting proposals from the UK and overseas-based researchers and their commercial partners to submit innovative research ideas that will provide measurable improvements in the quality of life of patients suffering from debilitating bone and joint disorders.

Orthopaedic conditions affect people of all ages and do not generally kill. However, they can be extremely painful and cause a significant reduction in the quality of life of sufferers which often goes unseen by their wider community. This campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the nature and range of the disorders, beyond the immediate medical community, through a series of research focused crowdfunding initiatives and outreach events, highlighting the unseen pain and stigma that impact the daily lives of sufferers. This is an opportunity for researchers to engage with the public and directly address the needs of patients.

We will support high quality basic and applied research proposals that can be translated into meaningful outcomes for the benefit of patients in the following three categories:

  1. Alleviation of bone and joint pain
  2. Elimination of post-treatment complications
  3. Innovative technologies to enhance mobility and quality of life

You need to be registered with ORUK Link to submit your expression of interest (EOI).

Key dates

25 August 2017                     Opening date for submission of EOI
6 October 2017 (17:00)         Closing date for submission of EOI
20 October 2017                    Decisions on EOI and invitations for full proposals
17 November 2017 (17:00)   Closing date for submission of full proposals
1 December 2017                   Decision on full proposals
TBC                                        Online workshop for selected proposal

For detailed guidelines and information on the extensive support package provided please visit the ORUK crowdfunding call page.